Goldfinch create ethical furniture of outstanding quality and provenance. We take great pride in our craft because we understand the intrinsic role furniture plays in our homes and businesses. Our furniture is made to live life with you, built to last and created to be admired.

Passionate about furniture

Not everyone gets as excited about timber as we do. There is nothing we like more than spending a day in the woods milling trees, seeing the pattern of the grain emerge and imagining how we could create some splendid furniture from it. We are proud to be a part of a small movement of companies and individuals in London who undertake this whole process – giving us a deep understanding of the timber we use, and giving you furniture made from sustainably sourced, expertly chosen timber. Our small team consists of experienced cabinet makers, carpenters, wood turners, and sandwich eaters.

Passing on Skills

Since we kicked off in 2011, we’ve made it our mission to pass on furniture making skills and knowledge to young people in our local area. Goldfinch is one of the enterprises run by London Reclaimed, a Southwark based charity that is helping 16-25 years olds step up into employment. You can find out more about our training programmes here.

You can donation to our employment charity here.