Our Philosophy

Furniture that is tailored to you

We know that everyone’s environment is unique to them. It’s our goal to help create the furniture that will fit your life perfectly. We have some guiding principles that we believe make us the ideal choice for your next commission.

It starts with a conversation.

Clear communication is the thread that runs through the whole project – we listen before we advise. We’ve got a wealth of experience within our team, from designers, master craftsmen to architects, but the key to a a great piece of furniture is great conversation.

We want your input into the project, so that it fits effortlessly into your home or business. Don’t worry, we’ll bring our knowledge to the table too, making sure that your furniture is of the highest quality and built with longevity in mind.

More than furniture

During the process from design to build to installation and aftercare we want to love your furniture as much as you do. It’s little coincidence that some of our customers have gone on to become furniture makers themselves.

We’re proud of our craft and love what we do. Consequently, we want to make sure you catch that passion and joy through the whole journey.

Working with materials, not fighting against them

It’s about playing to the material’s strengths. We use materials of ethical provenance like rescued British hardwoods and marry them with modern materials that will last.

Alongside our knowledge of furniture design processes we also have a passion for quality timber. As well as selecting exquisite materials from well regarded suppliers we also mill fallen and felled trees and dry our own timber in our onsite kilns. This deep understanding of raw timber translates into better choices and finishes for your project.

Keep it simple

We want the right solution for you,at the right price, nothing unnecessary. We don’t oversell and don’t over engineer. There’s not much more to say! We want to make sure you are thrilled with your Goldfinch furniture, and we want you to love the process too.

We’ll be clear and transparent with our communication, present you with choices where applicable, and won’t try to bamboozle you with a thousand added extras.


We can do everything from fabrication through to full project management of a joinery package. Our strength comes from having a team with a really diverse set of skills, and a breadth of experiences.

We can make head turning single statement pieces for private residences, and we can manage extensive fit outs of commercial properties with huge footfall. We process a wide range of materials ourselves and have a fantastic network of suppliers and collaborators for everything from metalwork to powder-coating.

Passing on the skills

We are intent on equipping the next generation, and are committed to training young people in traditional and modern joinery techniques.

Goldfinch Furniture is a project of London Reclaimed, a charity focused on giving 16-25 year olds an opportunity to step up into paid employment. We train, mentor and employ these phenomenal young people and give them a chance to work alongside our experienced makers and designers, helping them pick up the foundational skills that will help them on their employment journey.

You can find out more at londonreclaimed.co.uk