Custom made furniture

Perfectly fitted for you

highly tailored

Made with care, built to last

Goldfinch create ethical furniture of outstanding quality and provenance. We take great pride in our craft because we understand the intrinsic role furniture plays in our lives.

Here at Goldfinch, we love nothing more than creating highly tailored, custom made furniture so our clients end up with products that match their lifestyle and will last the test of time. We also have a range of Goldfinch classics that we love making in local, ethically sourced timber.


We do it all!

Our experienced team do everything, we mill our timber from sustainable sources, dry it in our onsite kilns, design and construct stunning furniture and plant new trees to complete the cycle. We also utlise modern technology and materials, with a focus on green and innovative processes. 


Our Youth Employment Programme 

Since we kicked off in 2011, we’ve made it our mission to pass on furniture making skills and knowledge to young people in our local area. Goldfinch is one of the enterprises run by London Reclaimed, a Southwark based charity that is helping 16-25 year olds step up into employment.