Our Process


01/ Milling

We source already fallen or ethically felled (had to be taken down) hard wood trees from managed woodlands. We then use chainsaw mills to cut the trees into usable and uniform thickness boards ready to be dried. By using small mobile mills we’re able to access trees in even the most inaccessible locations.

02/ Drying

Once we transport the boards back to our workshop we sticker and stack them under cover in our yard to air dry. After that, they go into our custom built kilns to get the moisture content down to around 12% – perfect for indoor furniture. The drying process for timber being used to make outdoor furniture is slightly different, you can find out more here.


03/ Designing

Either pick a piece from one of our furniture lines or commission us to make you something 100% bespoke and original for your home or workplace. We love the beautiful part art – part engineering that furniture design is; finding that sweet spot between aesthetics and longevity! We’ve come to the realisation that in old age the furniture we design will be stronger and better looking than us. We’re ok with that.


04/ Building

We love making furniture. To see a few planks of kiln dried wood at the beginning of the week and the radiant hew of crisp well-proportioned furniture at the end is almost indescribable. To start with such beautiful, honest and uncompromising raw materials is half the story. The second half; the discipline of hand making furniture, can be taught, learnt and practised and we’re fortunate enough to do that every day!

05/ Plant another tree

To have a truly sustainable process we complete the cycle by planting trees. For each new piece of furniture we create we commit to planting a tree to be enjoyed by future generations. We partner with other organisations to ensure that these new trees are planted in the most useful places and are looked after properly.

Plant another tree